First Contact

Every journey begins with the first step! Your initial enquiry, or our approach to you, is the start of a much longer process. If you are unsure if this is the right route for you at this time, or if you simply want to find out more, please be encouraged to contact us for a no obligation discussion that is unique to your individual circumstances. 

Confidential Information

On initial contact, we will both sign a confidentiality agreement (or NDA) so that we can exchange information securely and with confidence.

A Close Look

At this next stage of the process, we will be continuing to establish our professional relationship that is based on trust and ensures that our values, needs and wants are aligned with your business. Additionally, we will begin looking more in-depth into your company performance overall such as looking at turnover and profit from (at least) the last three years. 

Let's Talk

We use several parameters to evaluate a potential acquisition including market position, customers, competitors, main suppliers, historical data and future involvement of key employees. Our main criteria though, is that your company is profitable, and preferably, with a second tier of management in place.

Let's Meet

This consultation stage is when get to officially meet, either in-person or via online consultation (e.g. Zoom), with our primary focus being to ensure that the business deal, and steps moving forward, are a win-win situation for both parties. Next, we will discuss whether key individuals currently involved in your business will stay involved after the acquisition. These are typically joint owners of the company, which is why contingent consideration is often part of the acquisition structure.

We discuss your individual needs and wants with the aim to develop a clear plan for your smooth exit. Should you have a desire to stay with the company (either in the short- or long-term), continuing to help it develop and grow into it's next phase is also a discussion point. This can help ease the stress of suddenly parting with the company you’ve developed over many years.

Our Offer to You

From our perspective, we aim to build on the foundation of your expertise and provide reassurance that we will continue to nurture your business as a whole. It is also important that main suppliers are in favour of the acquisition so that they too remain loyal. It is at this stage that we would make you an offer for your business.

Heads of Terms

Our commercial agreement

A more in-depth, structured review of the acquired company is done when carrying out an acquisition.

Due Diligence

A comprehensive business appraisal

The main areas of focus are:

  • Can the legacy of the business be protected and its employees looked after?
  • Does the company offer the opportunity for enhancement and growth?
  • Customers and suppliers – will it be possible to expand the scope of clientele and product line?
  • Is the organisation being run in a responsible way?
  • Is growth sustainable over the long term?
  • Organisation – could it be made more efficient, with more focus on customers and sales, or operations?
  • Costs, margins and turnover – is it possible to raise profitability and returns?
  • New targets are established that are specific to your company and its conditions.

Sales and Purchase Agreement

The contract

Completion can be an unsettling time as you, your employees, and our team begin to embrace this new phase. But it’s also an opportunity for a new start and an exciting time for everyone involved knowing that all our previous stages have prepared us for what lies ahead. We understand that change should be handled sensitively and we are as mindful of this as you are.

Contracts Exchanged

Good communication is essential at this stage and we have extensive experience in leading established teams into this phase and beyond, into the next chapter, ensuring that you are in the best of hands.

Introducing the ElCorde Business System

Once the sale has completed, and after further evaluation of the business, we begin to implement the ElCorde Business System. This is a blueprint of excellence which we bring to every company we buy. We’ll work with you, in your new reduced capacity, to plan and implement the enhancement your business needs to develop and grow.

The Next Phase of Your Journey

This is the stage in the process where you begin to enjoy the rewards for all your hard work - your blood, sweat and years. It's the start of a process of positive change, where you can move into the next phase of your life and enjoy freedom from the burden, the responsibilities, and the daily grind of running a company.