Russell Smith

Acquisitions and Development

Through a career spanning three decades across Australia and the United Kingdom, Russell has extensive professional experience across a variety of industries and services. With a global focus and reach, Russell consequently provides maturity, knowledge, skills and intuitive focus to deliver quality service and professional expertise to a large number of businesses and professionals alike. Combined with an internal drive that is to provide quality and valuable services, Russell naturally produces positive results and improvements in all areas of professional and personal development.

Wendy Smith

Transformation and Growth

Wendy has years of experience within Human Resources, counselling and team support roles across Australia and the United Kingdom, with a degree and post-graduate studies within these sectors in addition to varied workplace experiences, Wendy has a focus on people and an innate desire to support others in finding ways to improve their lives in all areas to facilitate best outcomes across personal and professional lives. Having mentored, counselled, trained and coached across a unique cross section of groups, Wendy offers insight into situations and environments.

Karmen Fairall

Relationship and Implementation

Karmen has a passion supporting others in all walks of life and facilitating positive and meaningful relationships that enable others to reach their full potential. With a career background in the health, medical, and therapeutic industries, she understands the value that holistic perspective, professional alliances, and quality service bring to individuals and businesses alike. Karmen’s ability to strategize long-term goals whilst innately understanding and problem-solving the finer details needed to achieve these, provide a unique and practical element to all collaborative partnerships.


We have invested in many connections with mentors, consultants, advisers, professionals and specialist service providers.


Rest assured that we have an expert close at hand for any need or scenario that may call for. We also are in regular communications with our wider team.