Your selling options

Lets walk through the best options for selling your business....

Almost all of our purchases are made by following a phased approach.

We find that this provides a ‘win-win’ solution for all parties and is the solution which most has the company’s best interest at its heart. Protecting the legacy of the business is our primary concern.

Quite often this method is best for the business owner too. Suddenly stopping what you’ve spent years doing can have a detrimental effect on your well-being. It can cause feelings similar to grief, which sounds a little dramatic but we’ve seen it happen. We want you to feel happy and satisfied once the deal is completed, otherwise we won’t buy your business, so we take care to ensure our motivations are aligned.

The deferred approach is effectively a structured equity release.

So, you release the equity in your business and receive a significant amount of the proceeds on completion. Then you may choose how you would like to remain. In what capacity, perhaps in an advisory role or by doing a few days a month? We view this as a smooth transition to exit as opposed to an abrupt end!

This kind of slow exit makes the whole process smoother, less emotional, gives people time to adjust and provides for the continued success of the business. We’ve had business owners remaining in some capacity for up to five years, often as an adviser or consultant. In each case, they’ve enjoyed staying involved with the business but without the burden and stresses they had before.

But this also makes your business more attractive to the investors and funders who we use, in combination with our own resources, to fund a purchase.